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It’s Summer Time in the City

I just moved to New York City from Arizona and I love everything about living in the city, from the quirky neighborhood that I live, to my friendly, if slightly crazy neighbors. The one thing that I have had a hard time adjusting to in my new place is the fickle air conditioning unit that came with my condo. It seems like it stops working when I need it the most. One sweltering day I had finally had enough. So I decided to find someone who could do air conditioning repair in NYC. I found there were more options than I could have ever expected so I asked my neighbor for a recommendation. She said she had only ever had one air conditioning repairman come to service her unit and he did a fantastic job, she never had problems.

Obviously with my neighbor speaking so highly of this company I had to give them a shot. I called that afternoon and was able to get someone to my condo to look at my AC the next day. He was able to quickly deduce that all I needed was an air filter replacement. Normally something simple like that, that I probably could have discovered on my own, would have made me feel really stupid but the repairman was very understanding and sympathetic, he said he sees that happening all the time. I will definitely be going back to this company for my all my other air conditioning needs. I doubt I’ll have any problems anytime soon though.

It’s funny but I always hated the fact that my condo was a fifth floor walk-up but now that I have such a cool, comfortable home to return to, it doesn’t seem so bad. I have even started thinking of it as a bit of a workout.

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