Indiana Investment Watch is an investor education program designed to increase financial literacy in Hoosiers and educate them about investment scams, different types of fraud and basic personal finance concepts. Throughout the Indiana Investment Watch site, you will find valuable information on investing and managing your money, interactive learning tools and downloadable brochures.

A state-wide survey conducted by the Secretary of State’s office in early 2006 showed that nearly two-thirds of Indiana adults who owned financial investments had little or no knowledge about potential fraud schemes or the security of such investments.

In an effort to combat this lack of investment education, the office created Indiana Investment Watch to increase financial literacy in Hoosiers and to educate them about the various types of securities fraud. The program is not funded by taxpayers, but rather comes from fines imposed on violators of securities laws.

Indiana Investment Watch has educational materials covering the various types of fraud, as well as general financial literacy tools such as a “Money Skills for Newlywed Couples” guide and Financial Football, a computer game distributed in partnership with Visa and the NFL. Workshops and outreach events held throughout the state provide more in-depth information on detecting and avoiding investment scams.

In taking a proactive approach to combating fraud, Indiana Investment Watch recognizes that the most effective form of investor protection is investor education.

The Indiana Secretary of State Securities Division is responsible for combating securities fraud here at home by making sure that securities-related activities occurring in the state are properly registered or qualify for appropriate exemptions. Securities—investments with different degrees of risk and different expectations of return— can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments.

To help Hoosiers protect their assets, the Securities Division conducts searches free of charge on the registration of securities, franchises, loan brokers, exemption filings, broker dealers, investment advisers and enforcement actions.