Things That Make You Love And Hate Hotel Investment

Today there has undergone various developmental changes in the industry of hotel. It is not a mere eating place as seen earlier, the services offered in the hotels are increasing day by day. In this article, I discuss the various changes that a hotel can introduce and involve in its business to succeed from the techniques brought up by the competitors.

Firstly, the owners should consider the importance of the hospitality services offered by them. This is the first and the main step to attract the customer’s confidence and trust in your hands. If the customers are attracted and enjoyed by your hospitality services then, of course, it is sure that they will come for the next time to have the services of your hotel again. The traditional history of Indian society considers the arrival of a guest as “Athidhi Devo Bhava”, which means that the guest should be treated as equal to god and render maximum service in a down to earth and humble manner. Therefore the clients or the consumers in the Inns should be treated in this style of hospitality in order to earn support and trust for ensuring maximum profit. It is important to note that the area that you wish to start the hotel should have more targeted customers.

Before selecting the property for starting this business, select the best property which is commercial in nature and appealing to the sight of the people to get the utmost publicity and business. For every type of business, advertising is an important tool to be done to earn the support and brand or trademark of the business. If the business is established in a commercial area, then you can reduce the expense of spending more money for advertising and publicity purposes. A crowded area with people interested in going to hotels for food and accommodation offer more benefits for the owners and doesn’t need to spend more money on the subject of publicity.

If the hotel is going to be constructed in a tourist area, then this will be an added advantage to increase your revenue. In the case of the tourist, most of them opt for a suitable place which provides crystal clean room for accommodation and flavor-rich food to eat and enjoy the holidays. To attract the tourists and meet their desired needs most of the hotels are providing most enchanting facilities like a health spa, Ayurvedic massage treatment, swimming pool, spacious for leisure, games and well-trained staff and guides to support the tourists all the way to create their holidays as the unforgettable moments of fun in the lifetime.

This is a business which has more challenges and at the time brings more revenue and profit for the holder. Today, there is a stiff competition going on within the competitors in rendering more services to the customers, as this is the only way to ensure the revenue in their business. If you are sure that you have attained the path of success, this is more ideal than any industry in the prevailing context.

Tips For Starting A Hotel business

Business Strategy

A perfect business plan is very important for any business. You must plan a good strategy for your hotel and must follow the same. the best way is to do a good research of this business, ask customers about their experiences of different hotels, etc. this will help you to know different spectrum of hotel business like the things others are good in or the need of the customers that what they expect from a good hotel and thus you can cover the same in your hotel. So make a perfect business plan.

Fund Raising

This is the first step in starting any business. Every business needs investment for proper functionality. Now there are two ways of starting a hotel. You can go for a brand new one or you can buy an already established one. In both cases you need money but it will vary. Like if you are opting for one that is already established then you may buy it in fewer amounts as compared to what you will spend in constructing a new hotel. So choose accordingly. Now if you are not the poke of a rich father then you must be looking for money. The best way is to go for a loan as many banks provide a business loan but the interest depends on the amount.

Hotel Location

This is the second thing that matters a lot in the hotel business. The location has prime importance as this decides the inflow of customers in your hotel. Like if your location is somewhere nearby a tourist spot then you may get good business. But there is one more thing that decides your faith, i.e. your competitors. If there are many hotels in the same vicinity and are serving well to the tourist then you may find difficulties but if they are not meeting the needs of the guests then it’s a good chance for you to prove yourself and attract customers to your hotel. Other spots that might help you in getting enough customers are locations nearby public transports like bus stands, airports or railway stations.


Marketing is a very important campaign for any new business. In fact, it is important even for the established one. Pay extra attention and handwork in a marketing campaign to make it a success. This is the way by which you can take your hotel name to the public. Opt for both online marketing and offline marketing as both are very important in the present time.